About the Helmet

What size does the Lumos Helmet come in?

Currently the helmet comes in a one size fits most ADULT size similar to other helmets currently in the market. The helmet fits users with a head measurement of 54cm – 62cm / 21.3 – 24.4in. 

Here is a quick guide to how you can measure your size to make sure the helmet will fit well.

What colors does the helmet comes in?

The Kickstart currently comes in Charcoal Black, Pearl White, Lumos Yellow, Electric Lime, and Cobalt Blue. If you cannot see the option in the checkout page, it means we are out of stock for that particular color, sorry!

How many LEDs are there?

The Lumos Kickstart features 10 super bright white LEDs in the front and 16 super bright red LEDs in the rear. There are an additional 11 bright orange LEDs for each turn signal. (That’s a total of 38 lights in the back!)

Are the lights visible during the day?

It depends. As with any other light, under broad daylight with direct sunlight, the lights will not be very visible. The darker it is, the more prominent the lights will be.

For the turn signals, you should always use hand signals and only use Lumos as a supplement to those, even at night. During the day this is especially true as your hand signals are readily visible. Please follow the rules of the road! That’s the best way to ride safely.

Are the headlights strong enough to replace conventional bike lights, especially at night?

The headlights on Lumos Helmets are not meant to replace bike lights to light up your path at night. Their primary usage is to make you more visible and signal your intentions to turn to oncoming traffic.

How much does the helmet weigh?

Approximately 440g. It’s very evenly distributed, and should be very comfortable to wear for commuter rides.

What type of safety certifications does the Lumos Helmet have?

Lumos meets the following bicycle helmet safety standards:

  • CPSC in the United States (CPSC 16 CFR Part 1203)
  • EN1078 in Europe

Lumos also meets all other requisite standards required of consumer electronic devices set by the FCC and CE.

Does it have MIPs or a visor?

No. Currently our helmet does not have MIPs or support visors.

How long does the battery last?

Designed to fit the typical 30 – 45 minute urban bike commute, the battery lasts approximately 6 hours on flashing mode and 3 hours on solid mode.

How long does it take to charge?

The helmet takes approximately 2 hours to charge.


I can‘t activate my turn signals! / I can’t do anything with the helmet, the red lights on the back just keep slowly pulsing!

You might be accidentally entering “pairing mode” on the helmet each time you turn it on. Easy fix!

When you turn the helmet on all you need to do is press the power button for short press rather than holding it. This should solve the problem. You can check this video out here.

How do I attach the mount to my bike’s handlebar?

The best way to securely attach your mount to the handlebar is to:

  1. Place the mount onto your handlebar
  2. Loop one of the elastics around one corner of the mount.
  3. Pull the other end of the elastic under the handlebar and around the diagonally opposite corner.
  4. Place another elastic around the remaining corners in the same manner.

You can also check out this short video to see how to do it.

I can’t charge my helmet / remote!

Our magnetic charging cable will be attracted to the port regardless of which orientation you plug it in, but it has a small divide in the middle which indicates there’s a correct orientation to plug it in. So make sure you’re plugging in the charger correctly!

Your helmet and remote will both have red lights on the button to indicate when they’re charging and turn green when they’re fully charged. For more details, you can check out our video 

How do I turn on my helmet correctly? / How do I switch between solid and flashing modes? / Why do I have to pair every time I turn on my helmet?

You shouldn’t need to pair your helmet every time you turn it on! This means that you’re turning on your helmet improperly by holding the power button and entering into pairing mode.

Simply press the button (a short press) to turn on your helmet. Press it again to rotate between flashing / solid modes.

Hold the power button to turn it off.

You can check out this video here for a clearer demonstration!

How do I pair my helmet to my remote / phone app?

To pair your helmet to your remote or phone app, simply:

Hold the power button on your helmet for 5 seconds until the back red lights slowly “pulse”.


  1. Hold the two buttons of your remote together for a few seconds until they also pulse.
  2. Let the lights pulse at least once fully on your remote.
  3. Press either the left or right button on your remote. It should activate on your helmet as well
  4. Paired!


  1. Open up your phone app.
  2. Click “Settings” – choose “Unpair with this helmet” if it’s yellow. If it’s grayed out, move on to next step.
  3. Click “Pairing With Your Helmet”
  4. Ensure you have Bluetooth and GPS/Location function ON in your phone.
  5. All set! 
  6. Just trigger your paired remote and the phone app should also detect it.

You can check out this video if you’re confused on how to pair the helmet to your remote.

I want to return my helmet, how do I do that?